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The young years
Absolutely delicious
Fall is apple and pear picking season. There's no better time to enjoy the fruits of the harvest than with this deliciously sweet and savory The pears are juicy and soft and pair deliciously with the warm honey flavored goat cheese. I drizzled sweet summer honey over the tart and finished with a sprinkle of cracked pepper and fresh rosemary. The honey I purchased locally from a farm market and it adds a unique sweetness that can't be compared to the store-bought stuff. Absolutely delicious! I got the idea for this puff pastry patisserie earlier this summer when I created my Peach Tarts with Goat Cheese & Honey. They were a hit here at home and among my neighbors, so I thought these tarts should be made with pears. Success! Now wouldn't apples tarts with a cinnamon crumble taste delicious. Hmmmm.

The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Wednesday, October 10, 2015. Chaos and violence continue, claims are treated as fact by the ridiculous NBC News and AFP, Hillary continues to pretend that the 2008 SOFA is the responsibility of Bully Boy Bush (no, it's her responsibility as well and Barack's and Joe's and . . .) and we're going to start calling out 'fact checkers' who lie about what took place in 2008, the US Senate holds a hearing on Iraq with a focus on the Ashraf community, and much more. NBC News insists, "Iraqi military plans to retake the city of Ramadi from ISIS militants for the first time in months, officials said." AFP quotes Anbar Council Member insisting, "If operations continue at this pace, I expect the liberation of Ramadi to be possible by the end of the month." Oh, what wonderful propaganda that almost makes the months long effort to retake Ramadi (begun in May) seem like it might be a success soon. Almost. Let's drop back to... (more)

Argh Not The Pony
Dutty wingmen to the party we go
I'm going to do a quick rundown of some things that've happened in the past week - I'm not going to bother putting pictures on here any more because half the time the links break, and also they're all dated on Facebook so there's not much point because I can always link the photo back to the time. Last week was Hail Mary, we had some predrinks at Kathrine and Camilla's and then walked to the New Globe and sat there for a bit, and then went to Hail Mary! Was the perfect level of drunk all night, danced loads with Nour, Eline and Kathrine and some assorted other Scandis while Camilla got with this guy behind us lol it was really fun and the most I've ever danced at a Hail Mary! Even got a £2.50 Jagerbomb and then a cab back where we spoke loads to the cab driver and in the morning I didn't feel that hungover, it was really good!Friday we were meant to go to Dirty Martini but really couldn't be bothered lol so the three of us went to the Lord Tredegar and shared a bottle of wine and... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
Kezutan Period!
Last period rasanya 12 bulan yang lalu kot. Haha. Punya lah rindu nak rasa mai period sampai termimpi-mimpi. Ha, betul. Tak tipu. Sila percaya. Start dari minggu lepas, jerawat memang dah start bertaburan la. Mula tumbuh di bahagian yang tak pernah-pernah. Macam dekat belakang badan, bawah kening and dekat hujung bibir. Biasanya jerawat aku nie pemalu skit sebab akan naik bawah dagu, dekat bawah telinga and dekat leher. So dapat lah cover dengan tudung. hehe. Bila dah start ada jerawat tu, mula la alert skit kot-kot period ka kan. Sebab dah lama kot. Sampai dah lupa camna rasa period. Pas tu Last week tetiba ada tanda coklat. Haruslah rasa gembira melompat-lompat. Terussss declare angkat bendera merah. Hihii.. Then lepas tu tengok dah tak der apa-apa tanda dah T___________T Trust rasa frust balik. Oklah, false alarm kot. Then mandi wajib jugak lah untuk confirmkan diri kembali suci and dapat solat macam biasa. Haha. Esoknya, dekat opis tengok ada pulakkk tanda coklat lagi. Kali... (more)

++Dix Waiku++
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